Customer Testimonials

Great ski and bike shop! The best boot fitter I have ever been to. The staff are professional, amazingly knowledgeable and friendly. They also offer mountain bike service, rentals, demos and guided rides! I really enjoyed demoing a specialized e-bike on a guided ride. Shon showed us all the great trails and clearly knew the place like the back of his hand. Can’t recommend this place enough.

Alex Lahood, July 2023

Just Wanted to thank you for your help and expertise during my very last minute shopping spree on Tuesday night. You made sure that I got everything that I needed to make my first day of lessons comfortable. Even though it was cold and very windy, I never felt it.  I wouldn’t change ANY of the outerwear, helmet or goggles…all terrific!  After trying both boarding and skiing, I can now say with certainty that I belong on two skis…not one board. I guess I’m one of those people who like to be facing where I’m headed. When it’s time for MY OWN boots, I’ll be back to see you for sure.  Wouldn’t dream of giving my $$$ to any other ski shop. Quality products and customer service are what it’s all about.

Deb Brenner, March 2017

Hands down one of the best places to get ski boots in all of New England. Very experienced and knowledgeable in the art and science of ski boot fitting.

David Kirk, January 2017

Customer Service extraordinaire. I rate this business 6 stars on a scale of 1 to 5. The Boot Pro in Ludlow VT is the best example of providing the highest professional level of customer service I’ve experienced. I’m a long time (45 years) skier, and still ski black diamond and off piste terrain. Before last season, I traveled to the Boot Pro to buy new ski boots. At this point in my life, in addition to proper fitness, quality equipment starting with boot fit, is the most important factor in enjoying a full day of skiing. Unfortunately, my custom fitted boots had too many pressure points, and just didn’t work well for me. My feet suffered. I knew I had to do something. I recently returned to see owner Shon Racicot to figure out what could be done. Shon and Jeremy spent a couple hours reviewing the problems with fit, and I tried several replacement boot options. After thoroughly trying out 3 or 4 different options, I was really happy with a new alternative boot. This business did right by me, with a “make right” exchange! This is why I travel 5 hours from home to get my ski boots professionally fitted here. Integrity, honesty, customer first service, terrific knowledge, and technical expertise are the qualities of this business, owner Shon Racicot, and his staff. If you value quality results and service, get your equipment here.

Dave VanArnam, November 2016

My family and I live in Manhattan, where there are plenty of options for purchasing skis and boots.

Nevertheless, we just returned from our second annual pilgrimage to Ludlow, Vermont, to work with Shon, Matt, Pat, Randy, Hannah, and the amazing staff at the Boot Pro.  I cannot recommend them highly enough.

The entire experience is personalized, and tailored to the individual needs of each skier.  Last year, I was a beginning skier with complicated foot issues, and the staff worked closely with me to choose skis that would improve my skills while being safe to work with.  They then worked with me to choose an appropriate boot, and to fit me with a custom insole that, honest to goodness, makes my ski boot more comfortable than most of my shoes.  I am certain that the real improvements I made as a skier last year would not have been possible without their expertise.  The staff were thoughtful, gave me ample time to determine the best choices, and quick to respond to any questions and concerns.  They were then available throughout the winter to respond to needs as they arose.

This year, my twin 10 year old children and my spouse, all intermediate to expert skiers, were outfitted with equipment uniquely suited to each of them.  No two decisions were the same: this is not a “one package fits all” experience.  Rather, considerable time was devoted to each member of my family to ensure that the choices of skis, boots, and customized insoles were tailored to their skills, body types, and comfort. I will rest easy this winter knowing that my family will be able to safely challenge themselves on the slopes, working with skis and boots that were chosen and fitted by trusted experts.

As a physician, I am always mindful of wanting my patients to get the best care they can, from experts who are smart, kind, and have common sense.  The staff at the Boot Pro are all of that and more. They excel at the complicated experience of purchasing boots and skis, and provide a level of comfort, safety, and even fun that is superb.

Make the trip.  Take a detour if you have to.  Their expertise and kindness are worth it.  They are, as the name implies, “The Boot (and ski!) Pros”.

Scott J. Goldsmith, M.D. - October 2015

My sincere thanks to Boot Pro for providing me with an excellent product. I was reluctant to change boots, since I was so comfortable with my old boots, but they were clearly old and worse for the wear. I have always hated trying on new boots, buying new boots and breaking in new boots. Well, Jeremy, Matt and Shon made the process easy and to my surprise enjoyable! After a thorough and accurate foot examination, they made orthotics for me. Then Jeremy and I went through multiple boots until we found the right pair. Then the hard work began. Jeremy and Matt spent hours perfectly forming and adapting the boots to my not so perfect feet. The boots were adjusted to fit the idiosyncrasies of my feet and to relieve several pressure spots. The next day was the true test. I was extremely comfortable skiing in my new boots and there was no need for any further adjustments. I felt like I was back in my old perfectly fit custom boots, but they were new! Their hard work certainly paid off for me. I now have a great fitting, comfortable boot. Well, what can I say? Thanks guys, you are great. Enjoy the season!

David J. Elkin, January 2015

I stopped into Boot Pro this past week to get my uncomfortable boots adjusted. After Jeremy measured my feet and looked at the boots, he told me why my boots did not fit me. He then persuaded me to start over at the Boot Pro and buy a pair of boots that had a custom fit. I was totally impressed with the care, expertise, and attention to detail that he and the other staff took to put me in a pair of boots that exactly fit my feet. The customization techniques were incredible. The next day I had my best skiing day in over 30 years! I thank Jeremy, Shon, and the others for their expertise. I recommend this shop to everyone who wants to ski at their best.

Susan Langmore, January 2015

My name is Rhonda Lentini and recently I came in to buy new ski boots.  Your store came highly recommended by my friends.  I believe the sales person who waited on me was John.  He was excellent.

I wear an 8 1/2 AA shoe and needed a narrow boot and then had other foot issues that had to be adjusted for. I had certain criteria and desires and he never wavered from patiently working with me.  He spent 1  1/2  hours with me and found the perfect boot that would work.   When I came in the next morning to get them, the man who did the final adjustments was also excellent.   I have skied now twice on the boots and love them.

I will highly recommend “Boot Pro” to everyone.

A very satisfied customer.

Rhonda Ivey-Lentini - April 2014

Just a big thank you to Shon. I was in on Saturday morning for some adjustments to my custom footbed’s that you guys made back in November. Wow, what a difference. I had a great weekend skiing with my sons and no pain in my toes afterwards. Thank you. I will recommend you to all I know and you have a customer for life….

Chris Kocienda, January 2014

As an instructor, coach, trainer and year-round pro, having properly fitted boots is an absolute necessity. I’m incredibly lucky to be able to work with Shon, Alex and their staff at The Boot Pro. I’ve learned a great deal from them over the years and I have come to depend on their exceptional service, their incredible skills, and their friendship.

Whether I’m in New Zealand in the summer or here at home in Vermont, I perform better and have happier feet thanks to The Boot Pro. Thanks a ton, team!

Russ Kauff, Director Sugarbush Ski & Ride School