Customer Testimonials

Dear Mr. Racicot:

I wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciate the service I received from Matt Tripp on Sunday, December 26, 2010. From the minute I sat down with Matt, I felt welcome. Matt took the time to listen to my needs, trying many different boots in an effort to find the ones that would be “just right” for me, which was no easy task! (we finally settled on a nice pair of Dalbellos with a heel lift and a custom insole).

As you know, having a proper fitting ski boot makes a world of difference and my days on the mountain are now so much more enjoyable; I was able to focus on my skiing and not my feet! I noticed a marked improvement in my skills and confidence the very first day I skied in the boots and found myself willing to challenge my abilities (and successfully, at that!).

Again, I truly appreciate all that Matt did for me and I will gladly recommend Matt, and your shop, to anyone who asks (and even those who don’t)!

Sincerely, Nancy M., Bridgeton, New Jersey

Hey Shon and Matt,

Thank you very much for getting me properly fitted to the new boots and skis.  As a podiatrist, I understand all the biomechanical complexities of proper fitting boots and you managed to get my personal situation completely under control with the canting, orthotics and heel lift. My skiing was vastly improved immediately and very comfortable after all the modifications performed.  I also appreciated the time you took to help diagnose the problems, your expertise in managing and caring for my particular situation and done very professionally in an extremely friendly environment.  I promise to send ALL my skiing patients with biomechanical problems to see you! Have a wonderful, happy and healthy new year.  Thank you.

Dr. Joel S. Segalman