Everything You Need to Know About Ski Tuning

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Ski tuning is an essential part of skiing. Just like any precision instrument, like your car engine for example, your skis need to be tuned periodically to ensure optimal performance too. A proper tune can make or break your skiing experience.

How does ski tuning work?

Tuning your skis throughout the season is important. They are your “toys” after all and you want them to perform at their best and last you several years. These are the steps involved with ski tuning at The Boot Pro.

Ski Tuning Services
Carefully inspecting a ski prior to tuning.

Inspection and base repairs

Before any tuning is done on a ski our technicians will asses the ski for damage. Such as functioning bindings, broken edges and base or sidewall damage. If we catch these things early, many times they can easily be repaired. Also, before a ski can be properly tuned, any major base damage needs to be fixed. Base damage is generally easy to fix using a technique called welding. Welding is when hot melted PTEX plastic is pressed into the base to replace any scrapes or gouges created from skiing questionable terrain.

Service Technicians
Base welding prior to tuning.

Edge Sharpening

Having a well sharpened ski is essential here in Vermont! A well tuned edge will grip on even the hardest of surfaces and give you confidence as you lay your skis over to engage a turn. With a sharp edge and the right amount of pressure your skis will hold firmly underneath you as you carve down the slope. By using our Wintersteiger Mercury our technicians can sharpen your ski with precision and accuracy. It can be set to bevel an edge to any desired degree which allows the ski to move smoothly prior to engaging a turn. As a standard we tune all skis to factory original base and side angles unless otherwise requested.

Ski Tuning
Precision ski tuning with our Wintersteiger Mercury.

Base Grinding

The Boot Pro technicians will also produce a detailed grind with the help of the Mercury stone grinder. Without a base grind you would feel your skis become sticky and slow from suction. These grinds are designed based on the ski type, ski dimensions and anticipated snow conditions. A clean base grind will help move water out and away from the base as you ski and make it slide better on snow.

Race Tuning
Hot waxing skis with a Wax Future from Wintersteiger.

Ski Waxing

The last bit of ski tuning magic is proper wax and waxing technique. Having the right wax is going to help you glide through your day and stay ahead of your buddies on the hill. Waxing also helps to keep your bases hydrated and fresh. Here at The Boot Pro we use the Wintersteiger Wax Future, an infrared hot waxer, for the ultimate in base preparation. The beauty of this machine is that it evenly heats the ski over multiple passes. Ensuring the wax will have maximum penetration into the ski base. After this procedure is done and cooled, the wax will be brushed out using a hand held Rota-Brush. This is important to remove extra wax that could clog the base grind and prevent it from working as designed.

Everything You Need to Know About Ski Tuning 2
Using a Roto-Brush after waxing your skis.

How often should I tune?

For those of you that ski several times a week all winter long, you probably already know the benefits of regular ski tuning and bring your skis in as soon as you notice less control or grip.

But if you are someone who’s getting to the mountain two or more times a week, and are not tuning your skis regularly, you really should think about it. Don’t worry – this does not mean a new base grind every week. Bring your skis in every 2-3 weeks and the Boot Pro technicians will inspect your skis and do what it takes to ensure your skis will be at their finest all season long. You would benefit most from a Season Tune Program. Or our Family Season Tune if you have two more more avid skiers in the family!

If you’ve got a condo at Okemo and ski one or two weekends a month all season long, you would benefit from a 5 Tune Deal or a 10 Tune Deal. Purchasing the tunes as a package gives you a discount on the price. Plus there is no expiration date and they are transferable.

If you are more of the occasional skier, who only gets out a few times a year, start your season off with a fresh full tune. Then half way through the season return for a touch up. You may be surprised how a proper tune can help take your confidence and skiing to the next level. We offer overnight ski tuning every day of the week.

We also offer race specific tuning packages for ski racers of all ages and levels.

For ski tuning pricing and package information, see our Ski/Board Tuning Services Page.

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