Nordica Patron Ski

Nordica Patron Ski 2015Nordica Patron:

Racer types, DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE FAT SKI, the Nordica Patron can ski all conditions and terrain.  I tested this on groomed hard pack and was able to rip some awesome, trench producing GS turns and without a blink of an eye, whip out some tight energetic SL turns.

I have been a racer for 40 years and love skiing on my race skis, that is until I stepped on the Patron.  On race skis I spent 99% of my time on the groomers, but with the Patron I was seeking out the bumps, trees, curd and the other unmentionables at Okemo.

This is one ski that I will add to my quiver.  Once you go fat, you will never go back!

Jeremy Peters – The Boot Pro Team Member

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