Nordica Soul Rider Ski

Nordica Soul Rider Ski 2015Well, I was disappointed that winter storm Juno was a bust up here in Vermont. I still decided to ski Bromley Mountain during the height of the storm. I was hoping to sooth the building rage that the disappointing storm was creating.
I took out the Nordica Soul Rider (for the first time) and after the first couple of turns, I was singing “I’m a soul man…”. The Soul Rider was able to handle all the conditions that it encountered on the wind swept trails. I was able to ski tight slalom turns down the edge of the trail, then transition into hip dragging GS turns and back into slalom turns. I skied everything from trees, bumps, knee deep powder, and wind blown hard snow without missing a beat.
The only downfall to this ski is that it is so fun to ski, that you won’t want to come off the slopes for any reason (the windchill was -15 degrees and I skied over 25,000 vertical feet, which resulted in a little frostbite on my face).

Jeremy Peters – The Boot Pro Team Member

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