OMG the Kastle MX 83 is outrageous!

OMG the Kastle MX 83 Ski 2014 Kastle MX83 Ski 13-14is outrageous. Front side skiing the 153 on a typically firm New England day: beautiful groomed/hard pack/little boiler plate then some sugar pushed to the edge. It’s so well behaved. Initiate turns, easy. Smooth on an edge. Enough energy return to pop tight turns (the r13 is nice). Then carve a big arc, add a little bit of knee input and it tightens right up. No doubts hitting the plowed up sugar. GS type run down Chief and I couldn’t get it to chatter. Austrian + handmade + wood core with two sheets of metal = great torsional rigidity. I’m still trying to stop smiling.

Jim – The Boot Pro Team Member

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