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Our Team 11The Boot Pro’s exceptionally trained boot fitting staff is wholly focused on several key factors to help you be the best skier you can be.  Our Boot fitting experts focus on ensuring you have a properly fitting boot that compliments your individual alpine skiing biomechanics coupled with custom orthotic adjustments to ensure your most important equipment—your ski boots—are comfortable and help you succeed on the slopes.

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Meet Southern Vermont’s Most Experienced Ski Boot Fitting and Ski Tuning Staff!

Matt Tripp

Matt Tripp

Master Boot Fitter, Hardgoods Buyer

One of our finest boot fitters, Matt’s been with The Boot Pro since our opening day in 2008. He’s worked in the ski industry for over fifteen years, calling Alta, Utah home for six of those years. Customers love working with Matt because he’s extremely knowledgeable about the products and has an innate feel for what each individual skier needs. Oh yeah, and he’s a wild man on skis! Wahoo! Matt has a degree in physical education, and is passionate about skiing, hiking, and mountain biking. In the summer he’s a hiking guide around the Killington area. Originally from Hudson, NY, he now lives in Mt Holly, VT with wife & sons.

Randy Haskell

Randy Haskell

Service Manager

Simply put, Randy is a legend.  One of the finest and most dedicated tuning technicians in New England.  His career in the ski industry spans more than three decades.  Starting at age 14 Randy taught skiing at the Chester Pinnacle Rope Tow.  Soon after, he started his ski shop career in the Stratton area.  Accomplished in all areas, tuning skis proved to be his passion.  His services were sought after by top athletes on the U.S. Pro tour – some even shipped their skis to him to be tuned! In 1997, Randy moved to the Ludlow area and continued his ski shop career as Service Manager in a local shop alongside Shon.  In 2011, he came to work at The Boot Pro where he finds his home.  Back with Shon, Randy is in sync with The Boot Pro philosophy of superior technical service and unmatched customer care.  As our customers will attest, Randy loves his job!  The racers, the kids, the families, the new skiers and the Pros, they all get the same attention and devotion from Randy.  In 2013 he won Ski Business’s “Shop Hero” Award – one of only 6 in the country.  Randy’s a heavy equipment operator in the summer working with Greg McGown’s Landscaping. He lives in Chester with his wife Beckie while his two grown children have flown the nest!

John Leinhard

John Lienhard

Master Tuning Technician

Jonny is a talented ski tuning technician who has worked in the ski industry for twenty-two years – all of those years have been with Shon in one location or the other. He’s a hard worker who takes pride in the quality of his tunes. Jonny has earned a reputation for being one of the area’s best ski tuners. He’s an adrenaline junkie who loves snowmobiling, motorcycle riding, mt biking, and, of course, skiing – both alpine and AT. In the summer, he operates his own landscaping business. He lives in Belmont with his wife Amy, and son Jack.

Matt Maxham

Matt Maxham

Service Technician, Bootfitter

Matt has fifteen years of ski retail experience. Although primarily focused on tuning, he has worked in all areas of ski retail. He’s attended Masterfit U twice, and puts his skills to use at the boot bench.When he’s not in the service department, Matt is an avid alpine and tele skier. Matt’s a native of Hartland who now resides in Reading with his wife Vanessa, son Kelton and daughter Mari. He’s a golf course manager in the summer. Matt is a humble guy with a big smile… who knows a lot about the ski business!

Pat Lopiccolo

Pat Lopiccolo

Master Bootfitter & Retailer Extraordinaire!

Pat’s a former ski instructor turned ski shop retailer extraordinaire! In 1998 a post college ski trip from his home in upstate New York to the Okemo valley turned into a lifelong career in the ski industry. Pat knows ski retail inside and out. He’s worked all aspects of a ski shop and loves to see customers leave smiling. A jack of all trades, you’ll find him working in every corner of The Boot Pro. Pat’s a family guy now living with his wife Donna and children, Connor and Haley, in Mt. Holly. When he’s not skiing he likes to grab his hockey stick and coach the local kids on the ice.

Kyle Kennedy

Kyle Kennedy

Master Bootfitter, Hardgoods Expert

Kyle is a true outdoors enthusiast! Growing up in the Adirondacks Kyle began skiing at age 3 and later became a ski instructor and race coach. He particularly loved working with the Special Olympics on-snow competitions. Back country skiing, hiking, ice and rock climbing are his other passions. Kyle is a serious bootfitter and hardgoods expert (even if he makes you laugh while doing his job!) He knows how to set customers up on the right equipment and dial it in. Almost more important, however, is Kyle’s ability to make every customer PSYCHED to go out and enjoy skiing! Kyle lives in Mt Holly with his wife and two beautiful daughters. In summer you can find Kyle outside once again – he’s a stone mason who loves to design beautiful things with rocks.

Hannah Farrow 1

Hannah Farrow

Retail & Marketing

Hannah is one of Boot Pro’s star employees.  An extremely talented skier, Hannah could not be more passionate about the sport.  A native Vermonter from Mt. Holly, Hannah learned to ski at age two, ski raced for seven years and now competes on Freeride tours & “Ski The East” competitions.  We dare you to try to keep up with her anywhere on the mountain!  Hannah really knows the products in the shop too.  Let her give you some tips on what’s hot this season.  In 2017 she started working on our marketing team and is bringing us into the modern era of social media marketing!  She also takes college classes every year aiming to graduate in a few years.  In summer, Hannah works at a private elementary school in Zimbabwe, Africa.  A kind hearted, smart, friendly young lady who rips on skis – we’re proud to have her on our team!

Frank Provance

Frank Provance

Hargoods Sales

Mr. Freestyle! Frank has a long history of working in the ski industry. He worked for many years as a sales rep for various ski companies, and he has a long history of coaching freestyle (he loves kids!). A good friend for years, he’s been with us at The Boot Pro since day one. You’ll see Frankie on Friday and Saturday nights, since his primary focus is in town at his real estate business, Diamond Realty. Frank’s from Pennsylvania and now lives in Proctorsville with his four children.

Ben Haskell 1

Ben Haskell

Ski Service Technician

Let’s just say Ben has ski tuning in his blood.  As Randy’s son, he learned to tune skis as soon as he was tall enough to reach a tuning bench!  Ben had worked by Randy’s side in ski shops since high school until 2015 when he moved to Park City, UT.  Recognized for his talents, he was hired at a prestigious ski shop where he tuned the skis of World Cup athletes.  It was there in Park City that Ben picked up some of the most advanced tuning techniques which integrate the latest technology with the art of hand finishing.  In 2017 he came back to work at Randy’s side at The Boot Pro.  Ben is a professional in this industry and tuning is his career.  An ex-motocross racer you could say he’s also a bit of an adrenaline junkie!  He’s loves snowboarding and is out on the slopes whenever he’s not in the service center.