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the holy grail “one ski quiver” – Kastle FX 84 Ski

Kastle FX 84 Ski 2015If you’re searching for the holy grail “one ski quiver” you owe it to yourself to try the Kastle FX 84 Ski. Put it on an edge and you can crank a turn that shows its 14 meter radius. I’m just in from skiing the end of a day with typical New England mixed hard pack, powder, scraped off ice, crud and it shines in all that stuff. 84 under foot and the tip rocker combine for very decent carving along with easier transitions between surfaces. It feels quite stout and consistent. Through moguls it’s not edgy and it’s not a heavy weight ski. I can’t wait to take it out on a day with 12 or so inches of new snow… and into the glades.

Jim MacNutt – The Boot Pro Team Member

Atomic Bent Chetler Ski

Atomic Bent Chetler Flat Ski 2015My personal fat ski choice!

I have this ski in the 185 cm length. It is 120 under foot with a 19 meter turning radius. 30 % Rocker in the tip and tail.
Skied this after the big snow the other day at Magic Mountain. WOW! This is a fun ski. It was like floating over clouds all day. Very easy to turn for such a wide platform (if you like turning 🙂 ). This is my #1 choice for all Alta and Snowbird powder skiing. After skiing the Bent Chetler, I found myself searching for plane tickets to Utah.

Matt Tripp – The Boot Pro Team Member

Nordica Soul Rider Ski

Nordica Soul Rider Ski 2015Well, I was disappointed that winter storm Juno was a bust up here in Vermont. I still decided to ski Bromley Mountain during the height of the storm. I was hoping to sooth the building rage that the disappointing storm was creating.
I took out the Nordica Soul Rider (for the first time) and after the first couple of turns, I was singing “I’m a soul man…”. The Soul Rider was able to handle all the conditions that it encountered on the wind swept trails. I was able to ski tight slalom turns down the edge of the trail, then transition into hip dragging GS turns and back into slalom turns. I skied everything from trees, bumps, knee deep powder, and wind blown hard snow without missing a beat.
The only downfall to this ski is that it is so fun to ski, that you won’t want to come off the slopes for any reason (the windchill was -15 degrees and I skied over 25,000 vertical feet, which resulted in a little frostbite on my face).

Jeremy Peters – The Boot Pro Team Member

Hestra Vertical Cut Freeride Glove

Hestra Vertical Cut Freeride 2015  - whiteI purchased the Hestra Vertical Cut Freeride Glove from the pros at Boot Pro and it is one of the nicest gloves I’ve ever owned. This extremely warm all leather glove with pre-curved fingers grips your pole like no other. It’s a must own for a real skier or any skier for that matter.

Frank Provance – The Boot Pro Team Member

Nordica Nemesis Ski

Nordica Nemesis Ski 2015I ski on race skis most of the time so being on these skis was a lot different.  I liked the skis.  They were a lot of fun.  They ski really well on bumps, ice and even woods.  The only thing that I wouldn’t use them for would be on the race coarse.  It would be a little hard.  I would love to ski them again if I could.

Mackenzie Peters – U14 Racer, Bromley Outing Club and daughter of Jeremy Peters – The Boot Pro Team Member

Nordica Patron Ski

Nordica Patron Ski 2015Nordica Patron:

Racer types, DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE FAT SKI, the Nordica Patron can ski all conditions and terrain.  I tested this on groomed hard pack and was able to rip some awesome, trench producing GS turns and without a blink of an eye, whip out some tight energetic SL turns.

I have been a racer for 40 years and love skiing on my race skis, that is until I stepped on the Patron.  On race skis I spent 99% of my time on the groomers, but with the Patron I was seeking out the bumps, trees, curd and the other unmentionables at Okemo.

This is one ski that I will add to my quiver.  Once you go fat, you will never go back!

Jeremy Peters – The Boot Pro Team Member

Rossignol Hero Elite LT Ti Ski

Rossignol Hero Elite LT Ti Ski 2015Rossi Hero Long Turn:

Finally it’s here, all you need is a cape to go along with this ski to feel like a hero! It will be the best selling recreation carving ski on the market. This ski has a great turning radius and if you want to feel confident you should buy this hero. It has the Maz stamp of approval.

Jon Maz – The Boot Pro Team Member

Lenz Heat Sock 1.0 with Battery Pack

Lenz Heat Sock 1.0 with Battery PackHeat Sock:

“Happy wife, Happy Life”  This would be the best gift for that special someone. These heated socks will keep your toes toasty warm for 14 hours. So even after skiing you can go to sleep with them so you don’t have to deal with cold feet in bed. They are machine washable and also has a Bluetooth app that comes with the product. This is a brand new product at The Boot Pro so stop by and check them out.  – Maz stamp of approval.

Jon Maz – The Boot Pro Team Member

Rossignol Sin 7 Ski

Rossignol Sin 7 Ski 2015Rossi Sin 7 :
This ski turns very easy, and will go downhill when you want it to. It skied well on the ice and finished the turn. The turns it makes on ice with the rocker is amazing, and imagine it would be really awesome with some snow.
The Boot Pro Team Member – Sullivan Miele