Black Diamond Fritschi Vipec AT Bindings 2019

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The Black Diamond Fristchi Vipec AT Bindings are not only much easier to step in, they are also more comfortable and safer to ascend.

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Black Diamond Fritschi Vipec Bindings

With the Fristchi Vipec AT bindings it’s not only easier to step in, it’s also more comfortable and safer to ascend.

Fritschi bindings were born in the Alps over 30 years ago and have combined state of the art innovation with Swiss engineering which then delivers a reliable connection between your ski and boot for when the powder turns on the way down are equally as important as the climb up.

The Fritschi Vipec AT Bindings are the latest evolution of the Fritschi Vipec binding. This binding features the same pre-defined saftey release and lightweight tourning functionality all the while improving the mechanics in the binding for more smooth handling and easier get in and out. The Fritschi Vipec features a defined front lateral release in both ski and walk mode for skiing and avalanche saftey as well as a static, heel locking lever adding extra security and saftey.


  • Lateral front release with DIN setting and 13mm elasticity
  • Emergency release when climbing
  • New easy step-in
  • Complete easy handling package
  • Solid, non-turning heel

DIN:  5 – 12

Brake Width:  100mm

Item:   101256 (100)

Weight (each):  580g (w/ brake)