Fischer Attack 13 AT Bindings 2021

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MSRP Price: $254.98
CLEARANCE: $159.99

A perfect binding for strong skiers who love touring and downhill. Always be searching for your next adventure with this binding.



For freeskiers who attach importance to control, performance and easy handling: Attack from Fischer. This is the ideal equipment for backcountry skiing enjoyment and breathtaking jumps, plus tricks in the park & pipe. With its perfect functionality, this is the ideal tool for every all-ride skier!

The functional height of the AFD allows this binding to be used with the higher toe height of an AT boot, as opposed to the toe height of a standard boot or Gripwalk boot. This makes the overall stand height of the binding slightly higher as well. This is not an alpine touring binding.

DIN: 4-13

Height Above Ski Toe: 17

Height Above Ski Heel: 24

Weight: 1930 g