Marker Kingpin 13 AT Bindings 2021

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The innovative Marker Kingpin 13 Binding redefines the performance standard in PinTech AT binding technology.



The innovative Kingpin has earned its stripes as the performance standard in PinTech AT binding technology. The Marker Kingpin 13 has Sixpack Power Springs which deliver boosts of energy with every gliding step. It allows alpine touring skiers a binding that is light enough for long days with the reliable performance of a solid alpine binding for the freeride of your life. Its unique design and new toe and heel pieces are the culmination of years of R&D testing including over one million vertical feet on snow.

Kingpin toe piece

Extraordinary in design, innovative in its technical execution. The highlights include the Sixpack springs for powerful grip of the boot: these toe pieces are unlike anything that’s come before (six springs instead of four).

Kingpin Heel

This provides noticeably better leverage and supports power transmission to the edges. As such the KINGPIN maintains maximum control and perfect reliability in all situations

Climbing aids

The KINGPIN wins hearts and minds through two integrated climbing aids (7 and 13) that are easily deployed or stowed using the basket of the pole. They can also be operated conveniently using the tip of the pole, allowing them to work with any basket style. Because the climbing aids are positioned in the upper center of the heel piece, they are always easy to reach.

Walk/Ski modes

The refined locking/unlocking procedure for the heel piece is part of the binding’s charm. Simply flip a lever, push down on the heel and you’re good to go. The mechanism works with guaranteed reliability even in critical situations and challenging descents.


Self-evidently there are highly functional crampons for the new KINGPIN. They are specially light and easily slide in sideways on the toe piece without having to step out of the binding. They provide optimal grip on icy or hard-packed underground and produce hardly any friction on the feed-forward. There are three different widths to choose: 90, 105 and 120mm.

Sixpack Power Springs

– Greater energy absorption and contact pressure

– Powerful grip of the boot

– Six high-performance steel springs instead of the conventional four

– Higher spring compression

– Easy step-in

– Tremendously simple step-in individually adjustable stop points position boot properly.

Wide drill pattern

– As wide as possible positioned mounting screws

– (38mm) ensure optimal power transmission

Ultralight technologies

– Carbon rails

– Hot forged aluminum parts


– Including screws and brake 730 g/pcs.

– Including screws w/o brake 650 g/pcs.

Integrated crampon adapter


– TUV-certified based on the recent DIN ISO 13992:2007

– Compatible with all touring ski boots featuring PinTech inserts and satisfying DIN ISO Norm 9523

Climbing aids

– Pole basket independent

– Very easy to reach and to adjust

XXL Power Transmitter

– The heel construction is a revolution for any PinTech binding

– Super wide and far apart contact points hold the boot heel along a broad surface on outermost edge

– Highly direct power transmission to the ski


– Locks automatically in walking mode

– Re-engages immediately when heel is switched back to ski mode

– Brake retracts upon step in – no overhang over the ski

– Can be removed to ski with a leash

Brake widths available: 100mm, 125mm

DIN: 6-13

All bindings should be installed and adjusted by a certified binding technician at an authorized dealer location.