Kulkea Speed Pack Boot Bag 2019

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The Kulkea Speed Pack Boot Bag is a large ski boot bag that will fit all your skiing essentials. It has large pockets that are quick and easy to get into.

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Kulkea Speed Pack Boot Bag

When skiing is the name, speed has got to be the game. With the Kulkea Speed Pack Boot Bag, speed isn’t only the game but effeciency, and organization are in it as well. The Speed Pack has a plethora of pockets and storage spaces to fufill your every need.

The Jumbo center pocket on the Kulkea Speed Pack Boot Bag allows for maximum visibility into the heart of the pack for easy, speedy packing. The Kulkea Speed Pack features a transparent inner pocket perfect for storing hand warmers, phone chargers, Dermatone Mini tins, car keys, and any other small personal item. Of course the Speed Pack features two side boot pockets with ventilation grommets. Then theres a top pocket, great for holding those balaclavas, bandanas, and face masks, while the front pocket is perfect for those day passes, trail maps, cell phones, or condo keys.

The Kulkea Speed Pack Boot Bag has a protective bottom that is made from a durable, water resistant nylon, polyester and tarpaulin allowing you to be carefree and confident that your belongings will stay dry no matter where you set your bag down.


  • Colors: Smoke Blue/Green, Black/Red
  • Fabrics: Durable, water resistant nylons, polyesters and tarpaulin.
  • Sizing: Fits ski boots (inside bag) up to size 29.5
  • Volume: 52L / 3200 cu in
  • Dimensions: 16.5″ H (boot pockets) x 14.5″ L x 16.5″ W