Lenz 5.0 Heat Sock Set – Merino/Silk Slimfit Toecap with Lithium pack rcB 1200 2022

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Whether you’re skiing, snowboarding, ice skating or out on your fat bike, the Lenz Heat Socks are the socks that you’ve been waiting for.

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Say ‘Goodbye’ to cold feet, forever. Whether you’re skiing, snowboarding, ice skating or out on your fat bike, these are the socks that you’ve been waiting for. The Lenz Heated Sock heats the entire sole of your foot without adding any additional bulk. This sock is perhaps the best thing to come along since the heated bubble chair lift.

Snap the batteries into the cuff of the sock on the side of your leg and roll the cuff over for a secure hold. These heated socks include the Lenz Lithium Pack rcB 1200 batteries. On low, the battery charge can last up to 14 hours long. And for you tech savvy skiers and snowboarders, by downloading the Lenz Heat App, your Lenz Heated Socks can be controlled from your smartphone! No more bending over to turn up the heat!

Lenz Heated Socks are made of Merino SOFTTEC fibers, giving these socks an incredibly soft feel. The merino-blend fibers keep your feet warm while wicking moisture to keep you warm and dry. Merino also has excellent anti-bacterial properties and it is fast drying. These Heated Socks are slim fit and ergonomically knitted, and there is a left and a right sock, ensuring a good, bunch-free fit. Perfect for wearing with performance or race ski boots where there is little room in the shell.

In addition to wearing these heated socks to ski, these delightfully warm socks can be worn in your hiking boots, cross country boots, fishing waders and more. That’s what we love most about them, you aren’t stuck to just one application. You can wear them anywhere you ordinarily have trouble keeping your feet warm.

To launder, just unsnap your battery, turn your socks inside out and toss them in the wash, and hang to dry. You can also purchase additional “socks only” – ideal if you are going on a multi-day ski trip with limited access to laundry facilities.

Lenz Heated Socks Kit Includes:

2 Lithium pack rcB 1200 rechargeables
1 Global USB charger 100-240 VAC
1 USB charging cable with charging indicator
1 pair of Lenz Slim Fit Toe Cap heat sock 5.0

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