Lenz Heat Socks rcB 1800 Lithium Battery Pack Set 2021 – Batteries only

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These are replacement Lenz batteries only. Socks not included. Upgrade your old batteries for longer heat on a single charge.

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This Lenz Lithium Battery Pack Set extends the run time for your Lenz socks and work on any other Lenz product. Snap these batteries into the cuff of your Lenz Heat Socks on the side of your leg and roll the cuff over for a secure hold. The Lenz rcB 1800 batteries offer up to 20 hours of heat on a single charge. In addition to wearing these heated socks to ski, these delightfully warm socks can be worn in your hiking boots, cross country boots, fishing waders and more. You can wear them anywhere you ordinarily have trouble keeping your feet warm.

These are the replacement batteries only. This set does not come with socks.