6 Holiday Gifts for Skiers

6 Holiday Gifts for Skiers

With Christmas approaching fast, things are picking up in the shop and we are excited to see the new season getting under way. Finding time to shop for gifts and go skiing can be difficult. So here’s a helpful holiday list with six shop recommended holiday gifts for skiers to make gift giving easy.

1. Dale of Norway

6 Christmas Gifts

Everybody knows about Dale of Norway but not everybody owns a Dale of Norway yet. These timeless hand-crafted wool pieces are a classic winter style that speaks volumes about the wearer and will look great on all areas of the mountain. Two shop favorites are the Men’s Jotunheiman Jacket and the Women’s St. Moritz Sweater.  This is one of those special holiday gifts for skiers that they have always wanted, but have not bought for themselves.

2. Alp-n-Rock Edelluxe Henley6 Christmas Gifts 5

The Edelluxe Henley is a hand embroidered cotton long sleeve shirt, that embodies the apres ski vibe. With a touch of sparkle and signature Alp-n-Rock embroidery, the Edellux Henley is bound to be a pleaser under the tree.

3. Mountain Hardwear Men’s Ghost Whisperer Jacket6 Christmas Gifts 3

For the man in your life who likes “gifts he can use” – get the Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer. This lightweight and versatile jacket can be worn as a mid-layer ski jacket or just to run around town. The amount of warmth and durability packed into this highly compressible down jacket is incredible. It’s warmth and comfort without weight make it a go-to winter puffy for ski town guys everywhere.

4. Hestra Power Heater Mitt6 Christmas Gifts 6

Now here’s a hot item. Literally. The Hestra Power Heater Mitt is a battery powered mitten that keeps your fingers at a comfortable temperature all day long. These mitts are great for anyone with circulation issues or perpetually cold hands. Keep your favorite skier’s hands warm and cozy while playing in the snow with the best heated ski mitt on the market. This is one of those holiday gifts for skiers that they will never forget.

5. Lenz Heated Vest6 Christmas Gifts 7

Does winter send a chill down your spouse’s spine and make them want to stay indoors? Do you ever feel like you need a little extra warmth around your torso when you’re out and about? If so, the Lenz Heated Vest is the perfect gift. It provides gentle warming on the low back. It’s nothing too hot, that will cause you to overheat or sweat. Just enough to keep the chill from creeping in. The difference is noticeable. Available in male and female sizing. Get one for your favorite skier to give them the comfort to spend more time on the slopes.

6. Kulkea Thermal Trekker Boot Bag6 Christmas Gifts 1

That’s right it’s a heated boot bag! The Thermal Trekker is a little warming oven for your boots, it can plug into a wall outlet or your car. There’s plenty of space for gloves, goggles and a helmet. Plug the Thermal Trekker in on your ride up to the hill and be delighted with a warm pair of boots to start your day!

We hope you have found the perfect present for your favorite skier. Shop online by December 15th for standard ground delivery by Christmas, or stop by the shop!