Ski Racing Gear Proven on the World Cup

Ski Racing Gear Proven on the World Cup 2

This coming week World Cup ski racers will be traveling from around the world to race. The women will be racing Slalom and GS at the Infinity FIS World Cup ski race in Killington, VT and the men will race Downhill and Super G in Lake Louise. With them will come the best equipment for today’s skiers and racers. Here is a summary of some of the ski racing gear you are sure to see on the World Cup.

Sweet Protection Trooper SL Helmet is part of the ski racing gear seen on the World Cup
Sweet Protection Trooper SL Helmet

Ski Racing Helmets

Slalom superstar Mikaela Shiffrin wears an Atomic slalom helmet for the ultimate in gate protection. This ski racing superstar had a hand in the design of the helmet she wears too. The Mikaela Shiffrin Troop SL helmet is a patriotic red, white and blue helmet that utilizes a kevlar and fiber glass shell for lightweight and strong protection and comes with a slalom chin guard. Also from Atomic, is the Redster WC Race Helmet, which is designed for GS and speed disciplines.

Sweet Protection helmets blasted their way onto the World Cup circuit in recent years, worn by some of the top level ski racers from around the world like Henrik Kristoffersen and Aksel Lund Svindal. Originally designed for top level athletes for use in high level downhill competition, “discesa” means downhill in Italian. Sweet Protection created the Rooster Discesa RS, a carbon reinforced polymer shell helmet with MIPS technology for the ultimate in protection for alpine ski racing. Additionally, the Rooster Discesa S is created with the same care and performance standards but available at a slightly lower price point. These awesome helmets, plus the Sweet Protection Trooper SL helmet are now available in the US.

Briko helmets come with over 25 years of Italian racing performance heritage. The Vulcano FIS helmet has been worn on the World Cup circuit for many years by world renowned ski racers Lindsey Vonn, Breezy Johnson, Laurenne Ross, Peter Fill, Michael Ankeny, David Chodunsky, Tim Jitloff and more! Also available from Briko is the only FIS certified adjustable junior ski racing helmet, the Briko Vulcano FIS Jr. Both of these great looking ski racing helmets are available in a multitude of colors.

Since POC helmets hit the markets in 2005 with ski racing gear they have saturated the alpine world with their bright colors and cutting edge tech. The tried and true Skull Orbic Comp helmet is now featuring POC’s new SPIN technology. SPIN is a patent pending rotational impact protection system. By using strategically placed silicone padding, SPIN is helping to counter oblique impacts. With this redesign, POC helmets have a different fit and have less of a round shape. SPIN is available in the Skull Orbic Comp SPIN, the Skull Orbic X SPIN and their Artic SL SPIN.  Watch Jared Goldberg, Steven Nyman, Marie Michele Gagnon in the World Cup as they wear POC helmets. Also be sure to catch Frida Hansdotter in her POC helmet this weekend at Killington.

Ski Racing Gear Proven on the World Cup 3

Ski Goggles

Oakley goggles produced a game changer with their Prizm lens technology. The Prizm technology enhances contrast and visibility with their wide variety of lenses that cover all light conditions. Athletes in the World Cup such as Lindsey Vonn, Henrik Kristoffersen, Aksel Lund Svindal, and Erik Guay wear Oakley. On the hill this weekend will be Mikaela Shiffrin in the Flight Deck XM.

POC goggles have paired up with ZEISS to bring you the highest level of intensity and clarity. Their Comp specific goggles offer three lenses tuned to three different light conditions: sunny, partly sunny and overcast. All Comp goggles come with an additional low-light lens, optimal race ventilation and a silicon beaded strap.

Briko goggles fit a variety of helmets and faces. World Cup athletes like Laurenne Ross, Michael Ankeny and Peter Fill are wearing the Lava 7.6. Its flexible frame and square nose bridge make it highly adaptable for small faces! For optimal fit and perfect integration pair a Briko goggle with a Briko helmet.

Ski Racing Gear Proven on the World Cup


You’ll see many of the athletes on the World Cup circuit, using Leki ski poles. New in stores this year is the pink Slalom pole used by Mikaela Shiffrin. These slalom ski racing poles feature the same look and design as those used by the slalom superstar. Available as a limited edition, these poles are sure to be popular with young ski racers, get yours now before they sell out.

Race Protection

Leki race protection will be easy to spot in the world cup; any time you see neon yellow! In the World Cup GS race, athletes will be wearing body armor like the Leki’s WC Race gloves and Leki armgaurds. In the slalom, racers will be using Leki WC Race Ti gloves or mitts along with Leki pole-guards and Leki shin-guards.

Along with helmets, back protectors are a number one must have piece of ski racing gear. Slytech protection makes the Noshock Naked, a light-weight back protector made from Slytech 2nd Skin XT materials. After several wears the back protector will become shaped to your back and help to protect you from any external forces. Multiple Velcro adjustments allow for the best secure fit. You can bet your new Eisbar hat that all World Cup racers will be wearing a back protector in their speed events.  Check out World Cup athlete Lara Gut as she speeds down the hill protected by Slytech.

The POC Spine VPD 2.0 Vests, used by many World Cup athletes like Steven Nyman and Frida Hansdotter. Keep your young alpine shredders safe in the POCito VPD Spine Vest, which adapts to their body shapes for that perfect close fit.

Having the proper ski racing gear is important in maintaining safety and performance. Thankfully there are multiple World Cup athletes to test and prove the integrity and purpose of ski racing gear. And this weekend is a great chance to see athletes doing just that! The Women’s FIS World Cup will be returning for the second year to Killington, VT. So bundle up, ring your cowbell and cheer on your favorite racer!

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  1. Do WC racers use different boots for Slalom vs Super G vs Downhill races? I know Mogul and free ride use more flexible boots but does flex differ for Slalom , GS , SG, and DH?

    1. Yes Chris, different events require different flexes and body position which requires different set ups on the boot. If you have any other questions please call the shop 802-228-2776.

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