Ski Tuning

The key to finesse on snow. View package pricing below.

First Class Ski & Board Tuning

Over time and with use the base of the ski can become damaged and dry. The edges will become dull resulting in poor edge control. On a regular basis, the base and edges should be resurfaced to maintain performance. The result is a better experience on the slopes for every skier from the beginner to the experienced racer.

The ultimate in tuning service is the combination of state of the art, precision machinery operated by highly experienced technicians who also possess the skills to repair and hand finish skis and boards. Boot Pro has both.

The Boot Pro Ski Shop Offers

  • Season Tunes
  • Precision Ski Race Tunes serving the local ski academy and beyond
  • Overnight Race Tunes Available (we’ve helped folks win championships!)

Comments from our customers about our tuning department:

“Dear Alex & Shon,

 I wanted to reach out and tell you what a fantastic job your ski/race service techs do. As a former Canadian Ski Team member and as an Okemo ski coach, I’ve had plenty of race service over the years and it’s not just the big expensive tuning equipment that makes the difference…it’s really the skill of your friendly ski/race service staff. As you know, a great tune up plays a large role in the enjoyment and potential success for any athlete. I’m always recommending your shop to anyone looking for an excellent tune up and the value of your season tune up or race package.

Brian Firstbrook,  Ridgefield, CT”

Ski Tuning

The Wintersteiger Mercury

The Austrian made Mercury is a fully automated tuning machine that is both a stone grinder and edger integrating the most advanced computer technology with state of the art mechanical components.  It has the capability to custom tailor the base structure of a ski as well as set edge angles to minutely specific degrees. The edge finish from the Mercury is second to none.

Service Technicians

Service Technicians

The technicians at The Boot Pro have collectively over seventy years of experience in ski tuning.  They’re eager to show our customers the difference that new technology will bring to their skiing enjoyment and the competitive advantage it represents to the ski racing community.  They pride themselves on expert service with the fastest turn-around times in town!

Race Tuning

Tuning For The Racer

If you race, you know how important a properly tuned ski is to your success.  Our technicians take into account many variables when preparing a ski for a racer.  They know how critical it is to have the base structure adjusted for conditions, the edge bevel set to the skier’s needs and the wax to be perfect for the day.  These guys love sending skis out to win!

Ski / Board Tuning Programs

Since you'll need more than one tune per season we offer a variety of ways to save on ski service based on your needs.

Season Tune


3 pair of skis per person - 1 pair of skis tuned per week
Doesn’t cover damage repair
No overnight tuning
Includes 2 free demos

10 Tune Coupon Deal


10 tunes for $519
$650 value
*No Expiration Date, Transferable

5 Tune Coupon Deal


5 tunes for $275
Full Tune Regular Price is $65 * Coupon Deal = $55 per Tune
*No Expiration Date, Transferable

Unlimited Race Season Tune


(price is per Athlete for the Season)
Unlimited Number of Skis
Overnight Race Prep
Specific Structures
Hot Box
Fast Wax – Brushed
Specific Base Bevels
Three Point Boot Inspection anytime

Race Season Tune - kids 11 & younger


(price is per Athlete for the Season)
Unlimited Number of Skis
Limited to
Hopefuls, U10 & U12

WC Race Prep - New Skis


Top Sheet Shaping
Edge Bevel
Side Wall Prep
Infrared Wax
Hot Box

Race Prep


Edge Bevel
Light Side Wall Prep
Infrared Wax
Hot Box

Premium Tune


Race Proven Eastern Snow Structures
Specific edge bevels
Hand finished edges
Infrared race wax