U14 States Racers Get Ready

Let The Boot Pro get your racers ready for states and end of season races with a focus on maximum safety and performance. We’ll take care of all the details to ensure your ski racers safety and give them the best shot at a personal best or place on the podium. These are the things you should consider before your athletes next race: Bring your racer’s boots in for inspection. Do they need heel or toe plates replaced? Are... Keep Reading: U14 States Racers Get Ready

Everything You Need to Know About Ski Tuning

Ski tuning is an essential part of skiing. Just like any precision instrument, like your car engine for example, your skis need to be tuned periodically to ensure optimal performance too. A proper tune can make or break your skiing experience. Tuning your skis throughout the season is important. They are your “toys” after all and you want them to perform at their best and last you several years. These are the steps involved with ski tuning... Keep Reading: Everything You Need to Know About Ski Tuning

Winter is Coming: Is Your Ski Gear Ready?

With the new season nearly upon us it is important to make sure that all your ski gear is ready and in order. You can’t claim first chair if you’re rushing around the morning of, trying to find skis and boots, only to then realize you’ve got a coat of summer wax and a couple road rashed boots soles. Not the best start to a new season. Ski shops get up and running in the fall months for just this reason, we want our customers... Keep Reading: Winter is Coming: Is Your Ski Gear Ready?