Boot Pros Love Alpine Touring!

Just about everyone who works at The Boot Pro has gotten into the AT scene and we often go out together on daybreak or night excursions. Great times! Ask the staff about their experiences and their gear.

What is Alpine Touring?

Alpine touring has existed for decades but has become more popular in recent years as skiers look for a more all-around fitness experience and adventure. The equipment is designed for uphill and downhill travel with a simple transition between the two. Earn your turns! Climb up groomed slopes before the lifts open to get first tracks on groomers or after a snowfall. Climb through the woods on any mountainside and pick your line descending through a glade of untouched powder. Take the lift up then break away from the trails to find off-piste glory.

Alpine Touring Skins

Originally made of seal skins, these strips adhere to the bottom of the skis using a tacky surface. The side touching the snow allows you to walk straight up a slope without sliding backwards. They are easy to apply and remove and don’t weigh much when folded up in your pack for the descent.

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Alpine Touring Boots

These boots are a lot lighter than alpine boots since you don’t want any extra weight while climbing. They have a walk mode which is crucial for ascending and the soles are lugged in the toe for connecting with the AT specific binding.

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Alpine Touring Bindings

These bindings allow a free heel for climbing and transform into a downhill binding with a quick on-hill adjustment. There are a variety of ways these bindings function and the type of binding that’s right for you will depend on your priorities. If ripping the downhill at speed is the thrill that you’re looking for you’ll want a full alpine retention system. If you’re more into a touring type descent and want a lightweight setup for fast climbing then there’s a different binding for you.

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Alpine Touring Skis

Skis are the one thing that can crossover from alpine equipment. The sidecut can be the same but you’ll want a lightweight, all mountain ski. The lighter the better for climbing.

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