Hotronic Footwarmer S4 Custom

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Hotronic Footwarmer S4 Custom offers up to a combined 30% increase in higher average temperatures and longer durations on a single full charge.

Maintains up to 55% of a full charge and 95% of the initial capacity after four years of non-use! Provides power when needed most, in the cold! Installs in all types of footwear.Transfers from one pair of footwear to another. Use while skiing, snowboarding, bicycling, horseback riding, and during other general cold-temperature activities.


  • 2 Battery Packs
  • 1 Recharger
  • 2 Heating Elements
  • 1 pair of Self-Adhesive Covers & Strips
  • 1 pair of Hotronics One Size Fits All – Heat Ready Insoles
  • Operating Instructions & Limited Warranty Card.

For installation in the included One Size Fits All – Heat Ready Insoles or on custom insoles, orthotics, or insoles of ones own choice.