Ortovox Men’s Fleece Grid Hoody 2023

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The Men’s Fleece Grid Hoody is a light, technical fleece hoody with merino wool making it lightweight but also warm and functional.

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The Men’s Fleece Grid Hoody is a light, technical fleece hoody with merino wool for rock faces and high alpine tours. On alpine adventures your equipment must be lightweight but also warm and functional. It must function in the valley just as it does during ice cold climbs to the summit.

The Fleece Grid line is the ideal companion in the mountains: Thanks to its inner channel structure, this hooded fleece jacket for men is light but can also trap air and heat through insulating air pockets. A Fleece Light insert in the chest area and double-layered breast pocket provide additional lightweight protection against the wind. During hours of intensive movement, the material composition boasts excellent stretchability and provides ventilation thanks to its inner channel structure. The temperature-regulating properties are supported by fine merino wool on the inside: Tasmanian virgin wool regulates the moisture and temperature levels, is quick drying and has odor neutralizing characteristics. Merino wool also makes it comfortable to wear. The two breast pockets provide room for storing small supplies. The hood provides additional protection against wind and weather.

Since 1995, merino wool has been an integral component of Ortovox’s mountainwear, using merino wool that comes from selected farms that comply with Ortovox’s wool standard: the ORTOVOX WOOL PROMISE. Ortovox obtains its virgin wool from verified and ethical sheep farms. These farms are regularly monitored within the framework of the OWP. The wool is naturally 100% ecological and therefore super sustainable. Thanks to the small-diameter fibers in its fine woolen threads, merino wool feels extremely soft and comfortable on the skin.  In addition to comfort, merino wool also provides an ideal personal body climate by regulating both moisture and temperature, making it easy to care for and odor neutralizing.


  • 2 chest pockets
  • Protective hood
  • with hood
  • Full zip

MAIN MATERIAL: 66% polyester + 21% wool (MERINO) + 7% polyamide + 6% elastane